Exciting things are happening!

We have been able to expand our offerings from Captivating Caramel,  Bodacious Brownie Bites, Fantabulous Fudge, and Bewitching Bread to include 3 new varieties of fudge, Gaufre de Lieges, Lemon Bars, and Snickerdoodles as well. And we’re just getting started!

We have also claimed our listing on Yelp! and Google. We should see interesting things happen from those outlets. Please let us know what you think about our products.

We’ll be adding ideas on what you can do with our products (in addition to eating them straight out of the box, bag, or jar) in the News area of the site. We are also planning on adding our items to the Shop area, but don’t be too disappointed with not being a leader to order from there just yet. We’re working on getting to the point where we can sell from our site.

Thank you everyone! Hope to see you at the Market!

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